VIRL’s Willex and Tendai Madzinga of ZimAIED went to conduct a training in Chendambuya. The training was for the farmers in Chendambuya who grow paprika. Some of the farmers accessed this input loan facility in 2013 and the number has increased from 14 for last year to 33 this year. The group is an organised one. The farmers will be getting input loans to do production/farming of ground nuts on 0.4 hectares and 0.7 hectares of land. The 0.4 hectares will be getting input loans worth $307 each and those doing production on 0.7 hectares will be getting input loans worth $487.The farmers’ contribution is the seed.
The turnout was moderate as 33 farmers attended whilst 50 farmers were expected to attend the training. However, those who attended exhibited their commitment by showing their eagerness to learn. The farmers really appreciated Virl for equipping them with the knowledge that will see their lives changing when they put the knowledge into practice.