VIRL’s Willex and Kudakwashe Watetepa of SNV conducted a training in Gokwe which started on 15 October 2014 and ended on 17 October 2014.The project to be undertaken in Gokwe is a new one again and it is similar to that to be undertaken in Mutoko where the farmers will be given input loans by Virl with them providing seed for themselves. The farmers were trained about entrepreneurship and credit management. The Gokwe numbers (50) were better than Mutoko. Both turnout and participation were good. It was quite an enjoyable and fascinating training. The farmers will be the pioneers of this project in Gokwe as facilitated by Virl and they will have a secured buyer of the nuts as well.This situation will protect them against the risk of reduction in ground nuts prices. The farmers will be offered input loans to carry out farming of ground nuts on 0.5 hectares of land under the guidance of Kudakwashe Watetepa who is a Crop Scientist