Corporate Governance

Risk Management Policies

The business is aware of the pivotal role that is played by strong risk management policies in ensuring that the business is well managed. There is a culture of appreciation of and transparency around proactive risk assessment and management of the business.
Risk Management Structures

VIRL is aware of the need to focus on good corporate governance and to that end the company has the following board committees:

  • Credit Committee
  • Credit Review Committee
  • Risk and Audit Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • HR and Remuneration Committee
  • Customer and Marketing Committee

Customer Feedback

The business is interested in providing good customer service and in obtaining feedback from the borrowers. In this regard each branch has register of customer complaints and compliments which is monitored and appropriate action taken as outlined in the VIRL policy and as required by the Regulator. However any client can lodge a complaint directly with the Executive Director Mrs. Mpofu at copied to In a bid to combat corruption, the same email can be used by clients to lodge specific complaints that relate to corrupt members of staff.

Equal opportunity employer, but with a stated bias for women…

Virl Microfinance is committed to providing equal employment opportunities without discrimination of any kind and this applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, placement, transfer, promotion, layoff, recall, termination and other terms and conditions of employment.