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Welcome to VIRL Financial Services

VIRL Financial Services provides an array of products to Zimbabwean communities that previously had no access to financing. VIRL aims to contribute significantly to improve the livelihood of Zimbabweans. Our aim is to stimulate sustainable economic growth, create employment and reduce poverty.

Client Testimonials

Beauty Madiro

Stephen Mapfumo

I would like to thank you for the loan I got. I also want to appreciate the good service from VIRL staff and the help they give us. The loan has really helped me to increase my capital and have managed to boost my sales. Thank you

I would like to appreciate you support as Virl Microfinance. Whatever the small loan you assisted me proved to be bigger because now I am a landlord and I own a car due to your small capital injection to my project. Thank you very much I will bring with me more clients to benefit as I do.

 Anna Gurure

Shepard Kazembe

I would like to thank you for uplifting me and the Gurure family as a whole. We now have a better status in our community through the assistance from VIRL Financial Services. Please continue with the good work. Thank you

Good service being rendered here. The atmosphere is conducive and the service of the loans excellently befitting the community. Thumbs up!

As VIRL celebrates Women, we celebrate Nobukhosi Ndlovu who is an Entrepreneur and  a beneficiary of VIRL loans. She, her out-growers, as well as staff members combined, have accessed loans through the following products- Asset Finance, Working Capital, Value Chain Financing  and Life Enhancement Loans. VIRL CHANGING LIVES ONE LOAN AT A TIME.

Nobukhosi Ndlovu

VIRL Client, Nutrie Foods

Jasper Manhiri is a farmer who resides at Mwoyoweshumba area. He is a retired headmaster and he left his job in 2008. After he left his job he decided to focus on doing different income generating activities which include piggery, operating a general dealer shop and butchery. As a result, he came to us for assistance and applied for a loan to boast his projects. His first loan was a loan amount of $52,137 which he used to buy 3 cows, stock feeds and medicines. His second loan was of amount of $38,700 and the third loan was $78,205 which he used to build a tank to supplement his water system.

Mr Manhiri indicated that he managed to buy a grinding mill from the proceeds from his piggery project and currently he is building the structure for the grinding mill.  Mr Manhiri was very happy with the services that are being offered by VIRL to his businesses and the community. He is happy with VIRL products and flexible repayments.

Jasper Manhiri

VIRL Client, Farmer

In February of 2020, VIRL Financial Services celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Changing Lives and continues to soldier to work towards bettering the lives of both their urban and rural clients, one loan at a time.

Lynn Gwenzi

VIRL Team, VIRL Financial Services